Where to order?

Where to order?

You can select your desired complete electric bike or Conversion kit, add to cart and order online. You can also contact us and share your order details together with your contacts and shipping details so that we send you the online bill to pay and confirm the purchase.

If you want to demo and see all your options physically find our store or a dealer near you.

Online orders are protected with 10 days return acceptance to guarantee customer’s satisfaction.

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    2. Connect with our agents through live chats  

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      • How long will my order take to arrive?

        Everything will be shipped from Vancouver local inventory. It takes 1 to 3 business days for orders to be processed, tested, packed and picked up by curriers.  To US Destinations: Delivery in 4 — 6 days To Canada Destinations: Local (British ...
      • How much is the shipping cost if I order online?

        Some products like conversion kits offer free-shipping throughout the US and Canada.  A flat charge of 99C$ applies for Canada-wide delivery of electric bikes. Electric bikes to US may require up to 69C$ more; we will contact you in the event of such ...
      • Payments and Delivery

        We accept all the major credit cards, PayPal, bank transfer, money order, and cheques for online orders. We also accept cash for in-store purchases.  Please note money order or cheques by mail should be processed before shipment.Orders can be picked ...
      • Where can I buy spare or replacement parts?

        If the part is listed in our online parts store, you’re good to order from there.  Otherwise email us about the parts, repairs or services that you require.
      • Battery to mounting bracket connector is melted;

        Dust and dirt may cause loose connectivity in between surfaces of batter insert and mounting bracket prongs. System may work but any shake may cause sparking which causes blades getting hot and melting the plastic supports. Make sure you keep ...