What is an Ebike?

What is an Ebike?

An electrical bicycle, or an ebike, is like an ordinary bike with an electrical motor. With an ebike you get all the benefits of riding a bicycle but with added versatility.  The motor powers the bike, extending your range and boosts your capabilities. An ebike is an easy mode of transportation for work or for recreational activity. The motor will give the bike extra power depending on the assist level selected.  It is different from an electric moped or scooter since the rider has the ability to control the intensity of the pedaling by selecting the level of assist.

EbikeBC has a large inventory of ebikes for any type of rider enthusiast. From ultra-light folding ebikes to high performance mountain ebikes, our products are well engineered, reliable and durable which will give you fun and convenience for years to come. Throttle function as power on demand mode is available on some versions.

“RIDE CLEAN”, “GET LEAN”, and “GO GREEN” with EbikeBC.

Whether you want to use your ebike for pleasure, sports, mountain biking or your daily commutes, we have a variety of ebike models to fit your needs.

To know more about each ebike you need to click the particular model and read details.

  • Application based diversity
  • Reliability, durability and remote serviceability
  • Highest value for money

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