Is the ENVO D35 2020 a 350W or 500W motor ?

Is the ENVO D35 2020 a 350W or 500W motor ?

The Motor in fact is a 500W, As you can see in the LCD when you put pressure and load on the motor the number that shows on the right hand side of the display can go up to ~650W electrically Max. That means your system can easily take up to 500W mechanically(street legal laws) 

The brushless geared hub motor we use in our ENVO D35 is very high in performance and efficiency. Since we sell and service this bike all across north America, we need to make sure it follows all the laws and restrictions in every province.

Due to safety we limited the sudden kick power of the throttle, as customers want something safe to ride when they use the throttle, but the power will ramps up as you go along up to 650W! 

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