How to Select?

How to Select?

Electric bikes:

To select and order electric bikes, check our electric bike inventory it contains all the details to help you in your choice. You can share your expectations and requirements and ask us your case specific e-bike recommendations.

Conversion kits:
To check kits or components specifications and dimensional details visit kits product page and select the particular model based on category, power and battery placement.
You can ask our experts for customization or checking out the compatibility of a selected configuration with a particular bike by filling out the form at Conversion kit inquiry.

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      • I can’t reach your store or dealers, how do I purchase?

        Electric bikes: EbikeBC is an online store and service center. You can select and order online your desired electric bike. You can inquire e-bikes to help you select the right e-bike. Conversion kits: If you know the system and components which fit ...
      • Gift Certificate

        Lots of e-bike riders believe it’s an amazing lifestyle changer. It is a great Idea to gift an electric bike or conversion kit to the ones you love. Purchasing an electric bike needs precise technical and ergonomical considerations and even more so ...
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        You can select your desired complete electric bike or Conversion kit, add to cart and order online. You can also contact us and share your order details together with your contacts and shipping details so that we send you the online bill to pay and ...
      • What controls are used in eBikes?

        In addition to the motor and batteries, all e-bikes and conversion kits have some electronic modules to drive and control the toque, speed, and power of the motor. These modules also ensure the proper motor working condition of the motor which is ...
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        350W provides 60Nm and 500W peak power enough toques and power for your 10% uphill climbing in pedal assist mode for an 80Kg rider. Don’t expect an ebike climbing up hills fast without pedaling. 500W provides 80Nm enough to climb 15% grade for 80kg ...