EbikeBC kits LCD3 default settings

EbikeBC kits LCD3 default settings

parameter settings for ebikebc kits using LCD3 display

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        An ebike kit is a standardized set of components such as electric motor, controllers, sensors, cables, battery, charger and some accessories to be installed on a regular bicycle to convert it to an e-bike. There are millions of bicycles with hundreds ...
      • What would you suggest for the control system? LED or LCD?

        LED shows the charge level, On-Off and Level of assist selection. LCD has lots of features and settings including: Speed, Distance, Time, ODO, Charge, level of assist, battery Voltage, real time power, ambient temperature, security password, cruise ...
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        The Conversion kits feature a LCD3 display. The illustrated manual will help you understand and be familiar with the meter function, guiding you on how to operate the meter, how to set the project parameters, how to achieve the best match of the ...
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        Yes. All hub motor kits have disk brake standard 6 bolt pattern mounting flange.